• 1952-1969 
    Piano, theory and composition: Juilliard School of Music (Preparatory Division); Henry Street Settlement Music School
  • 1958-1962
    High School of Music and Art
  • 1962-1966
    Queens College (City University of New York): B.A. in Music
  • 1990-1992
    George Mason University: Music pedagogy courses and Orff Schulwerk Teacher Training, Levels I-III (Certificate)
  • 2011-2017
    Additional piano studies with Dr. Patricia Parker
Ellen C. Winner

Professional Experience


  • 1966-1969
    Elementary school general music teacher and choral director (New York City Public Schools)
  • 1973-1994
    Preschool music teacher (Sterling, Herndon, Great Falls, Oakton and Arlington, Virginia)
  • 1967- Present
    Private music instructor (New York City, Vienna and Sterling, Virginia and Annapolis, Maryland.


Author of over fifty works for early level piano study, including piano “methods”, solos, duets, piano and percussion ensembles, workbooks, teaching aids and theory games.

Teaching goals

  • Provide a welcoming, positive, child-friendly learning environment.
  • Give students tools with which to build a lifetime enjoyment of music. The curriculum encompasses reading, technique, repertoire, theory, sight reading, knowledge of music of the great composers, and connections between music, the arts, history, math and languages.
  • Provide opportunities and encourage students to perform for their peers, family, friends, at school and in the community.

A few thoughts about teaching:

Every child is unique; there are seemingly as many ways children learn as there are children. An approach that works for one child does not necessarily work for another. Discovering how to crack the code for each student is the essence of teaching and the reason this profession, while sometimes challenging is never boring and is always rewarding; it never gets old!

…and a few about music:

Whether we are listeners or active participants, music gives us a lifetime of  enjoyment. We can all be moved by the emotion, the excitement or the pure beauty in a great piece of music. The more we learn about music the more it enriches our lives.



“Music is enough for a lifetime but a lifetime isn’t enough for music!”
~ Sergei Rachmaninov, 1873-1943