All students will have 35 lessons in the course of nine months, September through May. Summer lessons begin in June. New students are welcome to begin lessons any time throughout the year.


See the lesson and holiday schedule for the current school year.



Please make checks payable to Ellen Winner. Payments may be personally handed to Ellen at the beginning of a lesson, or sent to:

Ellen Winner
re: Piano Lessons
106 Kuethe Dr, Annapolis, MD 21403


Payment options

Lessons during the school year

Option 1: Tuition is payable the first lesson of the month beginning in September, the start of the school year.

Option 2: You may make two installments payable in September and January.

Summer lessons

Option 1: Tuition is payable at the beginning of the month for a full month of weekly lessons.

Option 2: Pay a lesson at a time, if anticipating fewer lessons in the month. This permits flexibility to schedule lessons around vacations and camp schedules.


A supply fee of $50.00 per child (to be refilled as needed) is applied to your child’s books and  recital awards.


I will make up all lessons that I cancel. I am unable to offer make-ups or give credit for lessons that you cancel. If a conflict occurs in your schedule you may try to arrange a lesson swap with another student. You will receive my student roster at the beginning of each school year, as well as updates as they occur. Please keep the list on hand; it has served many families well!


Students are to wash hands before coming to the piano. During the winter months I use disinfectant wipes on the keys before each lesson. Children who are too ill to attend school should not come for their piano lessons.


I am responsible for your children’s safety when they are in my home or on my property. Therefore, please come into the Music Room at the end of each lesson to escort them to the car. Please inform me If your child will be walking or biking. Please also inform me if your child is being picked up by someone other than yourself, and be sure to inform that individual of my policy.

Special Events

“Students only” events include the Back to School Party, Halloween Party, Go for Baroque Party and Ensemble workshop.

Events for the entire family are the Christmas Party Open House, the Spring Recital and the Anne Arundel Music Teachers Association’s Melodies at the Moves and Water Music Festival.

Events calendar

See special events outside of regular lessons.


Photo album

Galleries of photos from some events are displayed here.


Snow Policy

In the event of snow I don’t follow school closing policies. Please use your judgment: If you’re able to get here, I’ll teach. If you’re uncertain as to whether or not lessons will be held, please call me. if driving conditions are hazardous, please cancel the lesson. I will make up two snow days per school year, provided you call and cancel the lessons prior to lesson time.

Spring Break

All students have a one week Spring Break. Because the public and private schools tend to follow different schedules, I am offering for your convenience a flexible Spring Break policy: Please plan to take your piano lesson break the same week as your school’s break, and be sure to let me know which week that will be.


Please be sure to bring up any matter related to your child, as you would with his or her school teacher. It is most important that I be made aware of all medical conditions, whether chronic (dyslexia, asthma, ADHD, etc.) or temporary (sprained finger, broken wrist….)  in order to devise appropriate teaching strategies. In addition, please inform me of food sensitivities, allergies or diabetes, so I can provide alternate snacks at workshops and piano parties.

Because I see your child only one hour a week, you must feel free to call or email me during the week with questions regarding the week’s assignment or any other issue. I appreciate hearing from you; no matter is too big or too small!

Please also know that my interest in your child goes beyond how he or she is doing at the piano. Most children are reluctant to brag; if you don’t fill me in I might not hear about their achievements in academics, sports and the performing arts. Please keep me updated.