Students may earn awards in the course of their study. The ribbons, medals and trophies presented at annual recitals recognize achievement; they are not won competitively, nor are they given simply for participation.

Performance Award

Students earn points by performing in studio events (piano parties, workshops and recitals), for family, friends, at school, and in the community.

Memorization Award

When we play a securely memorized piece of music we are better able to give our undivided attention to listening to our playing and to the musical effect we are creating. Earn a memorization award when you learn and memorize five selections. Earn blue ribbons, medals and trophies beginning with Award #5.

Listening Award

Listen to CDs and DVDs from Mrs. Winner’s extensive lending library to earn points for this award. You can also listen to classical music performances on YouTube and radio stations WETA (90.9 F.M) and WBJC (91.5 F.M.) and attending concerts.

Theory Award

Students earn ribbons for completing a level of music theory. This includes knowledge in the areas of reading, writing, rhythm, intervals, chords, pentachords, scales, symbols, terms, transposition and ear training.

Sight Reading Award

The objective of the sight reading program is to develop skills to enable students to “tackle” new pieces of music with ease and confidence. Students earn ribbons, trophies and plaques for completing 25, 50, 75 (and more) books of sight reading pieces.


Innumerable skills must be mastered in the course of a musician’s training. Master a minimum of eight skills in the PIANOlympic program to earn gold medals.