Information and policies at Winner Piano Studio.

Info and Policies

All students will receive 35 private studio lessons in the course of nine months, September through May. Summer lessons begin in June. New students are accepted throughout the year—please contact Ellen for more information or to arrange a trial lesson. Additional information on tuition, supplies, lesson cancellations and make ups, health policies, and others are covered.


For Students

Learning to play the piano is no small feat! Consistent, mindful practice is key. Much like learning other skills, recognizing when to ask for and to accept help when you need it will also be part of your success. Here are some guidelines to help you stay the course.

Tips for students practicing piano at home.
Parents must support their child's practice at home.

For Parents

You contribute to your child’s academic success by being aware of their schoolwork, emphasizing the importance of doing their best, and encouraging good habits for careful study. The same approach must be taken with piano practice if your child is to advance beyond beginner. The study of music is as rigorous a discipline as any academic subject; it is not an extracurricular activity!



Students may earn ribbons, medals, trophies, and other accolades in the course of their study. Winner Piano Studio recognizes demonstrated progress in both music theory and practical skills. Awards are presented at recitals and are given in recognition of achievement; they are not won competitively, nor are they given simply for participation.

Students earn piano awards and ribbons.
Take summer piano lessons

Summer Lessons

Summer lessons are offered to students under a relaxed schedule beginning in June. Students may sign up for as many or as few lessons as they choose. Beginner students benefit most from continued work over the summer to reinforce concepts and skills acquired in the previous year. New students are welcome to begin lessons over the summer as well as any time in the year.